WBTCSM/MBC/NMAC AKC Agility Trial - Sept 19-22

GTKC AKC Agility Trial - Sept 27-29

MMKC AKC Agility Trial - Oct 4-6

TNT CPE Agility Trial - Oct 18-20

TNT CPE Scentwork Trial - Oct 19-20

WBTCSM/MBC/CMAC/NMAC AKC Agility Trial - Oct 24-27

MPMKC AKC Agility Trial - Nov 15-17

WBTCSM/MBC/NMAC AKC Agility Trial - Dec 5-8 (Premium coming soon)

WBTCSM/CMAC AKC Agility Trial - Dec 13-15 (Premium coming soon)

GTKC/MBC/NMAC/MMKC AKC Agility Trial - Dec 19-22 (Premium coming soon)

CMAC/MBC AKC Agility Trial - Dec 27-30 (Premium coming soon)

The FIRST AKC agility trial at TNT was held on Oct 5, 2012.  Great fun was had by all!
See and purchase trial pictures from Rick Fleming at www.rickfleming.us

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