Introduction to Scent Work Classes

Introduction to Scentsport: The Indication & Introduction to Searching

        Monday, August 3 - 10am

        Monday, August 3 - 7:30pm

        Wednesday, September 9 - 6pm

Continuing Scentsport: Nosework & Various Element Searches

         Monday, August 3 - 11am (full)

         Monday, August 3 - 6:30pm (full)

        Wednesday, September 9 - 7pm (full)

        Wednesday, September 9 - 8pm (full)

These classes lay a foundation for confident sniffers!  Dogs will learn to be obedient to odor, to search for odor, and to let their owners know when they have found it.

Group classes are taught by Janet Smith, and run for 6 weeks; cost is $95. 

Classes will be held in the green pool building.

Private Classes

Contact Janet at to schedule private classes.

30 minute class - $35

60 minute class - $60

Scent Work

TNT Dog Center

Dogs are experts at using their noses!  Scent work is one of the fastest growing dog sports in America   It allows a dog to do the thing they love to do most - SNIFF! 

The scent work sport mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent and communicate to the handler that the scent has been found.

Different organizations have different rules

and requirements, but most are basically the same, in that they encourage a dog to search for certain scents, and to "alert," or notify, their handler.

All dogs can good at nose work - any breed, any age, even with no prior training experience, can learn this sport.  It is great for older dogs and/or handlers who can no longer participate in more active activities.